Wafuken prides itself on serving food that delivers the most exquisite pleasure to your taste buds and is healthy for your body. It is Singapore’s and possibly the world’s first sous vide based restaurant concept. The restaurant provides some of the silkiest salmon fillets, juiciest chicken breasts, and the most tantalizing steaks you can find anywhere.

Wafuken achieves this perfection through the Sous-vide (Su-veed) process of cooking all proteins. While Sous-vide cooked food is mostly found only in exorbitant gourmet restaurants Wafuken offers it to everyone readily at an affordable pricing.

Wafuken was founded by Jake Pang, aged 26 and Edmund Goh, aged 29. They met during national service and realised they both had a similar vision to be an F&B business owner. Jake was a health and fitness enthusiast and frequently cooked his own healthy meals which helped him shed 30kgs of weight. Edmund was a culinary graduate and avid home cook who loved experimenting and cooking fusion food inspired by his global travels from his job in Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew.

Before Wafuken, healthy eating options were scarce. They were limited to salad shops which were not very nutritious, with little protein and high content of sugar and fat in the dressings. Places which served healthier options didn’t taste good enough to keep one satisfied. That’s when they realised the opportunity to shake up the health food industry by creating a concept that serves food that is not only healthy but absolutely delicious. They did it by sous vide cooking all their meat, being the first concept in Singapore and possibly the world to do this.


Address: 6A Shenton Way, Oue Downtown Gallery #02-23, 068815
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm, on Monday – Friday.

11am – 3pm, on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

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